How to Pray to Michael the Archangel to Heal Your Anxiety


Praying to Michael the Archangel to heal your anxiety can be a powerful and comforting practice. As the protector and defender of the faith, Michael is believed to have the strength and power to intercede on behalf of those who ask for his help. Here are some steps you can follow to pray to Michael for healing of your anxiety:

Take some time to quiet your mind and create a peaceful space for your prayer. This might involve lighting a candle, playing calming music, or finding a quiet place to sit or kneel.

Begin your prayer by addressing Michael and expressing your intention to seek his help and guidance. You might say something like: “Dear Michael the Archangel, I turn to you today in need of your strength and protection. I am struggling with anxiety and I ask for your help in healing my mind and heart.

Offer a sincere and heartfelt prayer to Michael, asking for his intercession and guidance. You might say: “Please, Michael, hear my prayer and help me to find peace and healing. I trust in your strength and your love, and I know that you are with me always. Please guide me on the path to healing and give me the courage and strength to face my anxiety with faith and hope.”

After you have prayed, take a moment to be still and listen for any guidance or messages that Michael may have for you. You might find that you feel a sense of peace or comfort, or you might receive a message or inspiration that helps you to move forward.

Thank Michael for his help and guidance, and express your gratitude for his presence in your life. You might say: “Thank you, Michael, for your love and your protection. I am grateful for your guidance and your presence in my life. May your love and light continue to shine upon me and guide me on the path to healing and peace.

By praying to Michael the Archangel, you can find strength and comfort in times of anxiety. Remember that you are not alone and that Michael is with you always, ready to offer his love and protection.

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