Noah’s Ark, Was Noah An Ancient Alien?


Noah’s Ark is a well-known story from the Bible, which describes a great flood that covered the entire earth, and how God saved Noah, his family, and a pair of every kind of animal in a large boat called an ark. The story is found in the Book of Genesis, and it is considered a historical and religious event by many people.

Some people believe that Noah was not a human, but an ancient alien. This theory suggests that the story of Noah’s Ark is not a religious or historical event, but a depiction of an extraterrestrial visit to Earth. According to this theory, the “flood” was not a natural disaster, but a result of a nuclear war or other catastrophic event caused by advanced alien technology. The ark is seen as a spaceship, and the animals as extraterrestrial beings that were rescued by the alien Noah.

There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that Noah was an ancient alien, and most experts consider it to be a fringe theory. The story of Noah’s Ark is considered by many to be a religious story that explains the origins of the world and the relationship between God and humanity. Additionally, The Bible is considered as a religious text and not an historical account.

In conclusion, while the story of Noah’s Ark is a well-known and important part of religious tradition, the idea that Noah was an ancient alien is not supported by scientific or historical evidence and is considered a fringe theory.

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