The Most Popular Vespa Accessories


Vespa scooters have been popular for over 70 years, and they continue to be a popular mode of transportation today. As Vespa owners take to the roads, they often look for ways to personalize their scooters and make them more comfortable to ride. Here are some of the most popular Vespa accessories available today.

Windshields: A windshield can help protect riders from the wind, rain, and other elements, making their ride more comfortable.

Saddlebags: Saddlebags are a popular accessory that allow Vespa riders to carry more items with them, making it easier to run errands or go on longer rides.

Mirrors: Mirrors are a crucial safety accessory for Vespa riders. They provide riders with a clear view of the traffic behind them and are an important addition for anyone who wants to ride their Vespa on the road.

Luggage Racks: A luggage rack is an ideal accessory for riders who need to carry a lot of items with them, such as groceries or shopping bags. The rack attaches to the back of the scooter and provides a stable platform for carrying items.

Custom Paint Jobs: Many Vespa owners like to give their scooters a custom paint job, whether it’s a simple color change or a more elaborate design. This is a great way to personalize your Vespa and make it truly unique.

Performance Upgrades: Some Vespa enthusiasts like to make performance upgrades to their scooters, such as adding a high-performance exhaust, air filter, or carburetor. These upgrades can help improve the performance of the scooter, making it faster and more responsive.

Handlebar Covers: Handlebar covers can help protect your hands from the elements and provide a comfortable grip, making your ride more enjoyable.

Floor Mats: Floor mats are a practical accessory that help protect the floor of your Vespa from dirt, mud, and other elements. They are easy to clean and help keep your scooter looking clean and new.

These are just a few of the most popular Vespa accessories available today. Whether you’re looking to personalize your scooter, improve its performance, or simply make it more comfortable to ride, there’s an accessory out there that’s perfect for you.

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